Haley Prague: POV on how experiential marketing has adapted to the pandemic

Haley Prague joined Eventive just over a year ago and has been an important asset to the Account Services Team. We spoke with Haley on how the pandemic has caused a shift in the experiential marketing industry.

How did you know Eventive was the right fit for you?

For me, it was immediately the culture and family feel. You could tell everyone enjoyed working together and collaborating on different projects. I remember sitting in on my first brainstorm about a women empowerment event we were doing. It felt more like a discussion with friends than a business meeting. Everyone’s opinion mattered and no idea was a bad idea, you never know where the next great idea will come from!

Going from such a collaborative environment to working from home must have been a hard adjustment. Did you find it hard to stay in touch with your colleagues every day?

Initially it was sad that I wasn’t going to be sitting next to my peers everyday bouncing ideas off each other. Within the first week working from home, my team set up daily check ins. We would update each other on what was going on at work and in our personal lives. 

With the pandemic preventing your in-person events from happening, what has been your main day-to-day focus?

Since the pandemic, I have become more involved with our virtual experience team. It was a natural pivot for me since we were seeing a bigger demand for virtual experiences to evolve the in-person experiences. I had to find a way to replicate the same benefits of in-person experiences in a virtual setting.

Do you think virtual events are here to stay?

Yes! Virtual events provide access to a larger audience at a much smaller cost. The technology of these virtual platforms is just incredible. You are able to network with other attendees, visit exhibitor booths, and participate in Live Q&A sessions.

What have you been doing to keep abreast of current trends in the experiential world?

I have been attending as many virtual events as I can to see how different companies are interacting with their audience. It is interesting to see how different companies position themselves. I recently started listening to the Event Industry News Podcast which has been featuring different event professionals to get their take on the future of experiences.

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