Happy Holidays from Eventive!


I’m Jeffrey Brant and I recently joined the Eventive Marketing team as Creative Director. I’m very pleased to provide this year-end newsletter update as we “sign-off” for 2017.

One of the unique highlights that attracted me to Eventive is the long-lasting client relationships – too often a scarcity in this industry. So what makes it work?

The team actually likes each other.

Sounds novel, right? I’ve seen several types of culture at work throughout my career and I’ve never quite seen a team who genuinely enjoys working together more than here. Like in any relationship, trust is key. I’ve seen this group flourish using each other’s unique perspective as fuel to propel one another forward.

Treating clients as a true member of the family.

Last week, I had the opportunity to meet one of our long-standing clients (10 years and growing!) in Pittsburgh. First off, I was surprised to see that each group greeted each other with hugs and, again, a genuine sense of happiness to be together.

Rather than let the end of year simply fade off the calendar, a client visit is a strong opportunity use the moment to reaffirm dedication to your client’s needs and focus time on planning the upcoming year. In doing so, all are on track to return from the Holidays feeling refreshed, unified in goals, and on-target to create more great work together in the New Year. Also, it’s the perfect excuse to grab a long dinner together!

So what’s in store for 2018?

Can’t say for sure, but we’re laying the foundation for a great year ahead by focusing on teamwork and connecting with our clients. We would love to hear how you’re using this time of year to revitalize your team and engage your clients. Please give us a shout in the contact link below.

Wishing everyone a peaceful and rejuvenating Holiday.

All great things ahead, stay tuned!


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