Health Improvement Tour


Health Improvement Tour


Bring to life Cigna’s commitment to health and well-being by demonstrating that self-care if the first step in staying healthy.  Develop a program that can easily engage consumers, Cigna customers and even employees and demonstrates the value of both well-being and Cigna’s commitment to health in the community.


Provide a high value health-related engagement and bring it directly to Cigna’s target audience.  Create a way to have conversations and promote Cigna’s services and benefits with those audience members.  Create equity for Cigna that goes beyond corporate customers.


We designed and produced mobile health clinics where visitors receive a free biometric health screenings by medical professionals.  These clinics are trailers that travel to lifestyle events, Cigna sponsored events, employee locations and customer headquarters.  The trailers tour on a national basis.

Branding and key communication elements are also part of the trailer experience.  Each year, new enhancements are added to amplify the overall screening experience.

These mobile clinics have been featured on national TV and used as backdrops for Cigna commercial and digital content.


  • The tours are now entering into their 4th year of being on the road
  • Over 80,000 health screenings with an audience of over 250,000 people
  • Over 1,000 event days
  • Over 700 cities visited
  • Over 2 billion PR impressions
  • 60MM event and road impressions

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