Voyeur Experience


Voyeur Experience


Raise awareness and create ground swell for the HBO Voyeur project and Drive consumers to and HBO On Demand for a deeper experience and to see exclusive content. Encourage continued engagement with the project. Generate buzz/create awareness for and attendance at HBO Voyeur event among local press.


Bring the actual site content to life in a larger-than-life manner. Use an actual apartment building as the backdrop for projection.


We designed a multimedia event to launch HBO’s groundbreaking Voyeur Project, a program that explored what goes on when people think no one is watching. It included a large-scale outdoor projection that unveiled the drama, joy, peril and sadness of life of eight interconnected stories within an apartment building. Five-minute episodes continued online at and on HBO On Demand.

Brand ambassador teams interacted with hundreds of trendsetters, entertainment junkies and HBO fans in New York’s Lower East Side during the weeks leading up to the launch event.

The first event day we hosted an interactive media event that was later supported by eight additional projection events during two consecutive weekends.


  • Thousands of NY locals attended the projection events
  • HBO Voyeur far exceeded the network’s expectations with more than 1.6 million people visiting in less than 30 days
  • The program won the Best of Cannes award

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