Celebrating “40 Years Strong”


Celebrating “40 Years Strong”


Technology company Micron turned 40 in October 2018, and they, rightly so, wanted to celebrate with their 35,000 employees and the rest of the world. No biggie.



Eventive crafted an overarching employee, community, and media-facing anniversary message, then put it into action by creating scalable live celebrations at all Micron locations from Singapore to San Jose.



Eventive teams carried Micron’s “40 Years Strong, Getting Stronger” message to Micron campuses around the globe, bringing custom-built branded assets and locally tailored live events, all designed to celebrate Micron’s greatest strength: its people.

  • Micron is known for making memory, so we created a mobile Micron Museum, a place to remember their history of innovation, and to make lasting new memories.
  • Fun activities, like a custom “Simon” memory game, the world’s smallest time capsule, and a carnival-style high striker delighted employees and guests alike and tied into Micron’s core values.
  • To give back to their community, we created instant volunteer opportunities for Micron employees like building bracelet kits for local schools and clubs that will be used to teach kids binary math.
  • “Celebration in a box” kits, with signage, party decorations, step and repeat, games and more, were sent to Micron offices not participating in a live event.
  • Employees tagged photos from the 40th Anniversary Celebrations around the world with the hashtag #WeAreMicron. These images were compiled as part of an enormous photo montage featuring Micron’s logo and technology, illustrating their connection to its people.



For Micron’s global team, these events were a chance to reflect, take stock and celebrate their successes together. The numbers speak for themselves:

  • 33,400 employees (a 97% participation rate)
  • 5 massive live events reaching over 22,000 employees
  • 33 office celebrations reaching over 13,000 employees
  • 42 Countries
  • Dozens of Languages
  • One story
  • Countless memories

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