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The PNC Experiential Sales Channel (ESC) was developed to reach prospective customers in a unique and innovative manner by engaging consumers on an individual basis in lifestyle and work environments.  It was based on an integrated model that Eventive developed for PNC.  After 10 successful years, this  program became further integrated and upgraded by combining different out-of-branch operating units to form the Experiential Banking Channel (EXB).

The challenge was to continue to capitalize on the strategic approach of ESC while synthesizing the combination of different functions into the most efficient and proficient PNC line of business.


Our strategy was to continue to grow the “whole-town conversion” model that made ESC successful to maximize the different levels of sales functions within the overall channel and expand into additional consumer environments.  We called this approach, Work, Play, Learn, Live.


The two key operating elements of this approach were the original ESC mobile tour and supporting PNC staff for local events.  We developed, managed and produced all facets of the program.  We provided all concept development, scheduling, production, logistics, staffing and measurement for the mobile tour program.  For Local Events, we worked with PNC in-market representatives providing them hyper-local planning, sales tools and pop-up environments and activities.


Local Events

  • 17 markets (expanded into 6 new markets in 2019)
  • 289 event days
  • 1.3MM audience
  • 2.8MM impressions

Mobile Tour

  • 39 event days
  • 4.5MM audience
  • 5.8MM impressions

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